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Project Reconnect

Project Reconnect seeks to reconnect alumni of USY, Atid, Koach, Nativ, the Conservative Yeshiva, Camp Ramah, the Solomon Schechter schools, the Leadership Training Fellowship, and other Conservative movement programs. Whether you’re in Israel, North America, or anyplace else, this program is for you.

Each of you is a precious human resource to us. You were part of the Conservative movement during your formative years, both influenced by it and contributing to it. That’s why every single one of you is welcome, no matter what your affiliation is today.

Project Reconnect’s mission is to reinvolve, reinvigorate, and reconnect the very many Jewish adults who were touched by the Conservative movement’s programs for teenagers, college students and young adults. Its Israel component provides a rich resource for potential olim and for strengthening Israel - Diaspora relationships.

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